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I spent the early years freelancing, before slowly adding team members. Now we’re formalizing our structure (non-existent!), and moving to face bigger and tougher challenges together. Our rojak team consists of a mix between Malaysians and global experts to ensure we always have a fresh approach to solving problems. My job now mostly consists of managing our assets (nagging lol), and ensuring that we provide sufficient training and tools towards achieving all our business goals, before we can help our clients.

Having overcome the gauntlet of fire, we as a team have decided that we will do our best to help businesses even at the micro, small and medium level who cannot afford to setup their own digital marketing team together with all the software and tools required. We welcome all industry professionals to have a coffee or to share best practices. If you’re an intern searching for industrial placement/experience or someone looking to explore a career in this industry, feel free to drop us a line.



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