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We are a full stack digital marketing agency that provides creative solutions to help your business GROW

peetpeet is an innovative, design-led practice built on relationships. We're based in Kuching, Sarawak but our team spans the globe.



Years Of Experience

Not all digital marketing agencies are the same.
We are a full stack digital marketing agency that offer services ranging from social media marketing, SEO, ASO, Analytics, Web design, PPC as well as tailored business solutions to enable your company to scale and grow.

We've been handling web design work since the late 90s, and for the past 14 years we have been honing our skills in digital marketing.

We are Google-certified, and manage ad accounts on Ads, Facebook, Instagram and Linked-In. We provide consulting services as well as training programmes for clients with their own in-house marketing team that needs upskilling.

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Our Mission and Vision

Our mission :
To be a trusted and dependable partner for your business by applying our skills and expertise to create value for your brand.

Our vision :
peetpeet will be the first choice partner to provide digital marketing services to businesses.
We will contribute to our client’s success, collaborate with them to achieve their strategic goals and also creating long resonating business value through the delivery and management of their marketing process.
Our team will be recognized as the best in their fields and they will continue to drive our commercial success.


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about us

What We Do

Social Media Marketing

Let us help you setup social media marketing campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linked-In and TikTok depending on your business objectives. Build your brand, grow your brand and increase revenue.


We are Google certified and have extensive experience on setting up ad campaigns to help your business reach the right customer at the right time.


Data needs to be collected and analyzed in order to make relevant business decisions and optimize the use of resources. We'll tell you what's working, and what's not.


SEO is a long-term project to enhance your authority. We can help you get ranked, improve your rankings, optimize your content website, and more. If you have a website, you need SEO.

Web Design

We have extensive knowledge and experience in helping you setup your website as part of a larger strategy to achieve your business goals. We deliver business solutions, ranging from responsive and optimized corporate websites to e-commerce platforms with delivery apps.

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Some friends we made along the way.

Sharon Spaces Kitchen and Wardrobe
Anita Manager at JomDIY
Chong SY AG Premium

peetpeet has helped us with some of our campaigns and that has resulted in some incredible ROAS.

peetpeet helped us setup our ecommerce site, and they're providing continuous site management services which allows us to focus on what we do best. Thanks guys!

The team at peetpeet has helped us with branding and marketing campaigns to drive our retail sales. I'm very satisfied with their service.

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